About Movement Fitness

At Movement Fitness we help busy over-weight professionals lose weight and look and feel better in Gainesville, Bristow & Fairfax. We do small group personal training in a private setting that gets results. We are different from typical gyms because we have a full program that is personalized to you.


Small Group Training Workout Sessions

Our sessions are in small groups of 6-8 people. The sessions are 60 mins start to finish with one of our certified fitness professionals that will guide you through each workout by motivating you and making sure you are being pushed toward your goal while ensuring you are doing the exercises correctly to prevent injury. We include a full program with Fat Burning Workouts, Nutritional Coaching and Heart Rate Specific Cardio Programs.

Our Smart Group Training Philosophy

Our training mission is to OVER-DELIVER WITH MORE THAN JUST WORKOUTS! It’s our goal to make small group training as much like 1 on 1 personal training as possible. Features such as a movement screening, a thorough health history, and a review of goals are included on our Kick-Start Assessment.

This allows us to give you the best and most effective exercises for your specific needs and situation. We work on reducing your muscular imbalances and compensations which result in pain or limited flexibility. Don’t kid yourself, the Smart Group Training is geared toward your specific needs so in return you burn more calories, become more toned, feel more energy and lose weight faster than any other program.

Now, you will finally see the results you are looking for without being “lost in the crowd” with other typical one size fits all fitness classes.

How We Help YOU

Outside of the small groups, we sit down with you 1 on 1 to construct a personal success plan that will help you accomplish your specific goals. Second, we go over how you are currently eating so we can give you nutritional guidance and accountability. Third, we create a custom heart rate driven cardio program for you to do on the days you are not working out with us to accelerate your results and help your body recover fast.

Why We Are Different

We care more, we are more personal, professional, and we meet the client where they are to help guide them in accomplishing their goals. We are also the only complete small group weight loss solution in the Gainesville, Bristow & Haymarket area.

About Marcus Brugger

My name is Marcus Brugger. For the last 12 years I have helped busy professionals lose weight and look and feel better. I have worked with clients of all different backgrounds- from experienced, to inexperienced, from clients who have tried it all and failed, to clients who don’t know where to start. My passion is helping clients achieve goals they never thought were possible. Every day I am driven to not only help each client but also to make a positive life changing difference.

Your Friend & Coach,

Marcus Brugger

Weight Loss Expert, CPT, ACE, NASM Nutrition Certified

CEO Movement Fitness


[email protected]