Top 10 Benefits to Group Exercise

What is the best way to achieve your fitness goals this year? Have you ever considered group fitness? Group fitness offers many more benefits than working out alone. Research shows that people are more likely to work harder and stay committed to a workout regimen when they exercise in groups.

1. Motivation:

Has a treadmill ever told you, “Great job! Keep going!” In a group fitness class, not only will the instructor motivate you to work hard and accomplish your goals, the other participants encourage each other as well.

2.Healthy addiction:

Experts say that group exercise unleashes feel-good endorphins that could turn fitness into a pleasant addiction. Being “addicted” to group fitness will keep you hooked on exercise!

3.Cost addiction:

While working with a personal trainer one-on-one can be very effective, it can also be very expensive.Group offerings can off set the cost without losing the results.

4. Variety:

Many people quit working out because they cannot find the “thing” that will keep them going. When looking at different gyms to join, you should take a close look at their group fitness schedule. Does the club offer a variety of classes? Try different classes to see what motivates you. Keep in mind it typically takes three or four classes to get the hang of it.

5. Safety:

Group fitness instructors should have the training and background to provide a safe and effective class.The group personal trainer should guide you on proper form during exercise.

6. Time effective:

Group fitness classes tend to fly by because the class is fun and the instructor/music makes you forget you are working hard. Most classes run an hour and focus on cardio, strength, flexibility or a combination of all three.

7. Anti-aging:

Trying something new and different challenges your mind and body and can help ward off the effects of aging.

8. Challenging:

When you ask someone what they like about taking a group fitness class, one of the top responses is, “I work harder in a group fitness class than I do on my own.”

9. Camaraderie:

Group fitness is a great way to meet others who share similar interests and goals. Forming friendships with other participants creates accountability for coming back week after week.

10. Cross training:

If you continue to exercise in the same fashion all the time, you will plateau. Cross training is a great way to reduce boredom, train different muscle groups and prevent injury. Group fitness classes provide a variety of different ways to train every day!

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